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A place for Digital Artists

A place for digital painters
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This community was created for digital artists to post their work and receive feedback from fellow artists. There's nothing like reading the comments to your latest piece, is there?


1. Please please PLEASE keep large images behind an LJ cut. It will save sanity and f-lists. If you don't know how to make an LJ cut, click here.

2. NO FLAMING. No wars, no flat-out arguements. You will be banned. (however, a civilized debate is okay, just keep it nice). We're hear to communicate and to have fun, not to bash each other's views or art.

3. Warn people if something can be taken as pornography. If you aren't sure, just slap a warning above the cut anyway, just to be safe. Tasteful nudity is fine, just don't post something pointlessly vulgar.

4. Please DO post links to tutorials and websites that you think are helpful or that you just like. :) Sharing is the key to good networking.

5. Original works only. Stock reference and photomanipulation is okay, but please list your source as well. Let's give credit where credit's due.

6. Art posted in this community is considered copyrighted by the poster unless otherwise noted.

7. Digital art only, please. There are tons of communities for art of all kinds, but I'd like this one to be mainly for computer-generated imagery. Traditional art that has been digitally retouched or added to is acceptable.

And don't forget to HAVE FUN! Stay creative, everyone!